How Have Our Household Products Changed Over Time?

Our household products have changed rapidly in the last century. It’s only been recently that humans have been living the way we are today with our products.


This picture, thanks to My Baby Brilliant, really describes the devastating effects of our products.



We didn’t used to have these mass products because all we could get were things that we made ourselves or we went without them. Shampoo for example, is a great example.  Not only did woman not use very much shampoo, they also didn’t have to wash it as much because the harsh chemicals in today’s shampoos didn’t strip their natural oils like ours do.



This image, from Andrea Reed, shows the form of rosemary that would’ve been used in those natural shampoos!





They used things like vinegar, rosemary, rum, and even egg yolks for their hair care, which were all very natural and light on hair.  However today, we have created more and more chemicals and preservatives for the amount of people who want to buy them, and that’s a lot of people.


TheStrivingMuslimahBlog.Avoid_.Harmful (1).jpg

Here’s a photo that depicts how horrible our cleaning products are as being poison with the skull and cross bones on the spray bottle. Thank you Shawana for designing this!


Our bodies are not built to be able to cope with all these crazy chemicals. But what can we do about it? Well, that’s where I come in. There are so many ways of making wonderful natural homemade products that are so much safer for our bodies. Using more of the old fashioned natural ingredients is how I plan to make my products.









My Natural Product Goals!


My Natural Product Goals!

shampoo 300ml 22.50

Thank you, Girl With A Natural Glow for these shampoo ingredients.

I discovered a very shocking reality a couple weeks ago after looking at the back of my shampoo bottle and seeing all these hard to read ingredients. I then decided to look up some of these ingredients and found very disturbing issues that they might cause. Parahydroxybenzoates or paraben, is just one to name.

This can cause skin aging and there may even be a connection to breast cancer. So many of our shampoos, cleaning agents, deodorants, etc. have lots of crazy chemicals that can cause many problems. These problems are things like reproductive issues, kidney problems, and even the possibility to lead to cancer. Because of this, my goal is to start creating more natural products that we use everyday.

Throughout the next 8 weeks, I plan to make two products each week. This will result in 16 products and recreation of all the products that have the most chemicals and preservatives. I plan to get support from people with similar blogs and DIY products like mine and I also contacting a friend of mine that is starting a business with this same goal.

However, I expect to run into some problems along the way. Being able to finish all 16 products in time, getting the money to buy the natural steps in making the products, and realizing that some of my projects might fail, are some of these issues. Although those challenges may get in my way, I plan on preventing them by putting aside T.V and games to make sure I complete two projects each week, raising money or getting a part time job, and testing the products to see if they actually work.