Tips for creating your own products

From my past blogs I’ve realized that I haven’t really given you guys good tips for making your own products! So, let me help you all out by giving you a list of all the things that have helped me and will hopefully also help you recreate your own world too!

1. Make your own ingredients for products:

You can go and buy your own ingredients, but I’ve found that by doing that, you’re running the risk of getting something that has weird preservatives or those crazy chemicals I’ve talked about before and you might not even know it. Although it may be more difficult, as often as possible, you should just try to grow or make your own ingredients.

2. Use glass containers instead of plastic:


These are some average looking glass jars that may just be laying around the house to use for your products! Thank you Blog Free people for the image!

This is a big problem. Many plastics containers have BPA lined in them and it will seep into almost anything you put in them. To fix this issue, try to buy more glass containers to put your products in.

3. Grow your own plants for products:

So many different types of plants like lavender and rosemary are awesome for lots of products, so growing your own plants is really beneficial. You also have easy access to the plants since you’re growing them yourself!

4. Buy products with simple ingredients that you understand:

Like I said before, you shouldn’t buy your products or the ingredients at the store very often unless you absolutely have to. However, if you do, try to look at the ingredients label to see if there’s anything weird in it. One rule I like to go by is to buy ingredients with simple, easily understandable, ingredients because they tend to be the less toxic and more natural products.

5. Research things before you put them into your products:

I always say if you’re making your own products, it’s best to make sure that what you’re putting into your products and how much of it, should be well researched before hand. Some ingredients can cause skin irritants or allergies. So I always make sure it’s okay to use the ingredients in my products.

6. Look up some cool natural recipes:


This is a really good natural recipe I found thanks to the Nerdy Farm Wife!

You can always have fun making your own concoctions for your products, but sometimes I find some really awesome recipes that work very well. One of my products that worked particularly well from an online recipe, was my dishwasher soaps. They work so well! So, go fourth and have fun looking up those recipes!

7. Get rid of those old nasty products:

If you’re going to make all these wonderful products you don’t need those old chemical ridden products in the back of your mind! Best advice, just toss those bad guys in the trash! This helped me by really giving me the push I need to make those natural products.

8. Use things like essential oils:

Essential oils are priceless to me. You can use them in so many different ways, not just in the products you make but also in cooking! They help with so many different things, from headaches, to the common cold so of course they’re good to use in your products! They come in little glass jars of happiness so I’d go get some for yourselves!



Here’s a picture I found of essential oils and medicinal flowers from Essential Wellness!


9. Get ideas from people who make their own products:

From researching online and reading about many people’s experience’s and journeys to their natural products, it has helped me get ideas to make my own products and I really recommend you guys do too!

10. Test out your products:

Of course you’re going to test out your products but what I mean is put a little bit of the product on your skin first to see if it’ll be irritating to your skin or cause an allergic reaction.

After using these tips I promise, your products will be better and will make you feel like you’re living a much less toxic, healthier life.



Progress So Far!

My progress has been absolutely awesome so far into my natural product journey! I’ve made 6 products that make me feel like I’m finally braking away from the average unhealthy, chemical ridden products I used to use day by day and they’re so easy to make!

My first natural product is a shampoo that has a base of peppermint, Dr. Bonner’s olive oil based castile soap, that’s been around since the 1850’s! I also added some coconut milk for softer hair and some essential oils like lavender, lemon, purification, and cedar wood that help hair growth.




IMG_1714 (3).JPG

Here’s a picture I took of my natural, and let me just say, amazing smelling shampoo!


This is the castile soap I used in my shampoo for anyone who has never seen it before!


Next I made Fruit spray which is amazing for cleaning off the outside of fruits from pesticides and dirt. This consists of thieves essential oil, lemon essential oil, and water.



A picture I took of the best cleaning fruit spray I’ve ever used!

I also made a non-stick cooking spray which is good for keeping the food on pans from being caked on! I used very simple ingredients which were just olive oil and water.


IMG_1708 (1).JPG

This is the picture I took of the non-stick cooking spray.

Since all purpose cleaners are filled with so many toxic chemicals, I created a cleaning solution for floors and counters that is much more natural and less toxic. This solution consists of thieves cleaner and water and let me just say it works really well.



My natural wonderful non-toxic cleaner!

These are some of the dishwasher soaps I made out of a concoction of baking soda, vinegar, lemon, thieves cleaner, coconut oil, and borax soap. These are really cool because they don’t leave soap residue and the dishes look surprisingly cleaner!

FullSizeRender (6).jpg

Here are those awesome working dishwasher Tablets!

IMG_1712 (2).JPG

For anyone who hasn’t used thieves cleaner or knows      what it looks like here ya go!











The last natural product I made was conditioner. Surprisingly again, this only consists of a few ingredients but works great. These ingredients are water, lavender, and organic apple cider vinegar .


IMG_1713 (3)

Here is the picture of my surprisingly well working  conditioner!