My Experience So Far!

 My Reflection!

Many things have happened during my journey into creating natural and non-chemicalized products. I have discovered that, what started out as just an idea, has now turned into my new passion. Although I haven’t completed all of the 16 products I set as my goal because of time and money so far, I still hope to accomplish it and continue to go beyond my goals.

In the beginning, when I found out what horrible ingredients there are in our every day products, I wasn’t really sure what I could do about it. But now, looking back on everything I’ve done, I really feel like I know how to fix the problem and continue fixing it.

What I’ve Discovered As Well As Some Issues I’ve Faced!

I’ve learned that sometimes creating the products may be difficult and time consuming because you have to make sure all the ingredients will work. I’ve also learned that the products may not work as well as expected and you might have re-make the product all over again.

Some issues I’ve faced have been getting money for the products, thinking of creative ideas, and making sure they work well. In the future I hope to keep becoming more knowledgeable about the harsh ingredients in the things I use and continue making those products better! Overall, this has definitely been an amazing and incredibly eye opening experience that I feel will not only benefit me for the future, but also other people.

Thanks For All The Help!

I’m so grateful that I got a lot of help and ideas from Wellness Mama and my mother’s best friend Priscilla! Their feedback and creative ideas really gave me confidence in creating my own natural products.

Here are my top 3 favorite products so far during the process!

To me they’ve done the best job cleaning in replace of their bad products! The vinegar rinse really helped my dandruff and made my hair feel just as conditioned as regular conditioner. I use the all purpose cleaner for almost everything! It smells amazing and it always does an amazing job of cleaning. The dishwasher soaps also turned out to be one of my favorites because they make my dishes really shiny, sparkly, and smelling great!

Overall, this has been an amazing and invigorating experience and I will most definitely be continuing making healthier, more natural products!

I hope you guys have liked my products so far and have gotten useful information from my blogs! Stay tuned for more upcoming posts!


A Post That’s a Little Different From the Rest!

I don’t normally make slideshows, but I wanted to changed it up a bit so you guys can see all the natural chemical free products I’ve made so far! So here it goes. Hope ya’ll like it!

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Although I’ve only made a few products, I will continue making more and more natural products without the harmful chemicals.

Behind The Journey!

After searching for new and natural products, I realized that I might need some more help from a professional. Then, it all came to me at once, I already knew someone who could help me!


This is a picture of me and Priscilla!

She’s one of my mother’s good friends. Her name is Priscilla and she’s just like a grandma to me, with all of her wisdom and knowledge and she’s such a nice lady.

This is a woman who has dedicated her life to making a healthier lifestyle for herself by creating her own natural products and has given me ideas along the way! So, I decided to ask her some questions about her journey into the healthier lifestyle she has today, and show them to all of you!

“Do you find it hard creating healthy products?” 

“No, because instead of making the unhealthy products that I used in the past, I’m simply switching out the ingredients for better healthier options.”

 “Have you ever had adverse reactions to products you’ve made?”

“No, although that problem could arise in the future, I have not made anything that has given me or anyone else an adverse reaction.”

“Do you have trouble coming up with ideas?”

“No, because the deeper I dig into the health world, there seem to be more options and, because I’m passionate about it, my creative side comes up with many ideas.”

“What are some of your favorite ingredients to use in the things you make?”


This is a picture of the coconut oil she loves using!

“Well, there are so many, but the two that I love to use the most are coconut oil and apple cider vinegar. I have to say I absolutely love coconut oil because it’s a great moisturizer, it helps restore natural oils in your hair, and it has anti-bacterial properties! So, I always love to put coconut oil in as many things as possible. I also really love apple cider vinegar because it’s a great conditioner when mixed with water and it helps restore your hair’s natural PH levels! It’s also really great for your body, so I try to use it!”

“Have you run into any problems creating the healthier options?”

“Yes, whenever you try something new, there’s always a higher risk of making mistakes with the proportion of the ingredients in the products or food, having to make it over again because it didn’t work very well, or it may just not work as well as expected. It’s also hard finding good, healthy, ingredients that work well but I’ve always been able to work through these problems.”

“Has there ever been a point where you felt like giving up?”

“I’ve had some difficulties, but I’ve never felt like giving up because being healthy and


This is a picture of the apple cider vinegar that Priscilla loves to use in her products!

creating a healthier world around you should be a lifelong pursuit and you should never give up because I honestly believe that in the end, you’ll be happier you did.”

After interviewing her, it made me much more confident and determined to continue making healthy products! I hope you guys got as much helpful feedback and information as I did! Continue forth on your own journeys to healthy living!